I like to think of supervision as a creative and seriously playful experiment. It is where therapists can explore different ways of reaching the depth of their clients’ experience in a safe enviromnent. By safe  I mean a space where you can try different things out without it having any direct consequences for your client.

It is a multi-functional activity: You can talk about your clients, role play them or play a tape of a session. You can also try to grapple with different bits of theory in relation to your client. You may also be wanting to refine a research topic of interest. Supervision can support you with all these.

I like to pay special attention at your direct experience of your client, paying attention to your embodied experience, and what this may mean in terms of your relational work with your client. For this, I invite you to pay attention to your personal process, your embodied experience, your thoughts and your reactions.

Many of my supervisees report that after a while their work with clients becomes increasingly lively, exciting and fulfilling.