Work with me

Face to face work

I offer therapy face to face in London and in East Grinstead

Online therapy

I see many people online these days. This means I can reach you in your home, a hotel room or anywhere you are. All you need are an internet connection and access to an environment where you can’t be overheard and is free from interruptions.

I will email you a link and by clicking on it, you will get to a secure virtual room where we meet.

What to expect

On our first session, I will collect some information about you. We will have a good look at your reason for wanting to see me, so that we both get a very clear picture of what we are there for. I want to be as effective and helpful to you as I can be.

I normally see you once a week for 50 minutes and I am committed to seeing you for as long a period as necessary but as short one as possible. Sessions cost you money and I help you achieve the results you need as quickly as I can. However, all this depends on your circumstances and purpose to seek help. On our first session we can device a plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

Does online therapy work?

Research on the effectiveness of online work is growing fast.

In addition, I confess that I was a bit reticent to work online when I first started, but I now love working online. After having practiced online for a few years, I now see it as an easy way for two people to meet, conveniently. I have never ceased to be amazed by what a powerful medium it is to form a genuine relationship. Regularity of sessions is a key element to a successful therapy.

A free 30 minute online consultation is a good way to see if online therapy is right for you.

If you are ready to start therapy and make a change in the way you feel, don’t hold it any longer.